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Viva Group as a Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products Marketing and Distribution organization is constantly striving to reach to people of emerging markets in the World and offering them innovative and meaningful healthcare solutions for enriching life.

On the back of our strength of establishing brands in emerging markets is pioneering and dedicated efforts of our people. We are steered by our own unique brand of credibility and quality.

We are relentlessly expanding our horizons to reach out to the new and better world by offering innovative healthcare solutions to people and will continue to further expand our horizons wherever the opportunity arises.

Viva Group is young and dynamic organization with well defined infrastructure and growing business in CIS countries.  In CIS countries, the enviable infrastructure comprising of marketing, sales, regulatory and distribution has been created and already achieved many milestones in marketing of pharmaceutical and healthcare brands for globally known companies

Viva Group is aiming for business in high-growth “Pharma-Emerging” Market and we will continue to concentrate on emerging markets of CIS countries. We will also expand to South East Asians and Eastern European countries.

As per IMS, the “Pharma-Emerging Market will in aggregate expand by US$90 billion during 2009-13 and contribute significantly to worldwide market growth. Significant changes in the global economic and healthcare landscape including rising levels of healthcare access and funding and the changing mix of generic and innovative products have contributed to high growth in Pharma-Emerging market. High-growth in these markets reflects an unprecedented shift of industry growth to the world’s emerging economies.

Now more than ever, pharmaceutical branding has become crucial in creating distinctions in the patient’s mind as well as doctors. Branding is about added value, which enables you to justify the price difference for the brand. Viva group is associated with successful brand building through its effective marketing strategies and customer relation management.

Viva Group has been instrumental in establishing big brands for leading principals and established them as leading player in these markets. They will vouch for Viva Group excellence in brand building efforts.

Joint Venture

Joint VentureAt the core of each successful partnership is a great relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

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