Business Philosophy

Spiritual Business Management

Viva Group has spiritual fundamentals and values to strengthen foundation and functioning. Spiritual Management of VIVA Group has to do with Faith, Power, Relationships, Freedom, Love and Will.

Viva's spiritual management will explore the best out of each and every resource of the organisation. It will facilitate self improvement in resources and opportunities. It will teach how thoughts create holographic reality. Spiritual management will cultivate spirituality abundant attitude. It will ensure "clean" and "unburdened" organization through quantum leaps of training modules to open portals to new potentials, greater realizations and increased opportunities.

VIVA's tree of spiritual management has the following branches :

Faith is the power of our convictions and expectations. Faith shapes our destiny. Faith is the foundation upon which success and happiness are built.

All employees of VIVA are immensely powerful, but we often use our powers in subconscious and self destructive ways. Viva will ensure that positive power is optimized to move forward. It is important to recognize and accept how powerful we truly are.

Positive relationships are the heart of VIVA'S spiritual management. Positive and long term relationships are built, when we embrace each other fully; open up to colleagues and practice empathy.

Real freedom makes living truly worthwhile. To be free to be as God created us, we need liberation from destructive whims, fancies, conflicts and ego driven preferences.

Love is an honest attempt to make others happy and feel great.

Each person is endowed with free will, a huge power that can be used to create anything. The quality of our lives, both individually and collectively depends on the quality of our free choices.