Ukraine,the second largest country in Europe with a population approx. 54 mil.

Key Economic Indicators

  • GDP: USD 359 Billion (2008) Growth: 6.9%
  • Per Capita GDP in 2008: USD 7800 (ranked 83rd in the world)
  • Currency-UAH, 1 USD = 7.9 to 8 UAH
  • Urban Population is more than 68% and it is increasing

Literacy Rate: 99.4%

Healthcare Expenditure % of GDP-3.5%

Key cities:  Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk.

Total HealthCare expenditure in % of GDP - 3.5%

Literacy Rate:  99.4%

Overview on Ukraine Pharmaceutical Market

There are more than 800 companies in the market with more than 3000 (small/big) distributors. There are 20,000 retail outlets which supply the end users with products prescribed by nearly 40,000 doctors.  Since beginning, Germany remains the No.1 exporter having a market share of more than 34% and India the second with 14%. The market is dominated by foreign players.

Total Healthcare Market 2.2 Billion

Prescription market $1.38 billion

OTC market $740 Million

Aptekas Number: 22,430.

In Ukraine OTC Market is showing good growth. Increase in knowledge, higher spending power at large, growing awareness of advantages of wellness to avoid illness, information on the benefits of neutraceuticals and greater health consciousness are the factors increasing the popularity of neutraceuticals.

The incidence of lifestyle diseases has been increasing with the changing lifestyle. With the growing fast food culture, people are resorting to high-fat, high-cholesterol diet which makes them vulnerable to lifestyle diseases. There is a sharp rise in chronic diseases in all parts of the Ukraine. Escalation in cost of serious medical treatment and the resultant inconvenience are major factors that are encouraging the masses to go for preventive support.

Viva Group in Ukraine

Viva Group is represented as Quest Ethicals in Ukraine. We are operating through our own office and warehouse in Kiev. We have a professional & dedicated teams working for marketing, sales, distribution, regulatory and administration at Kiev office. They all report to General Manager based at Kiev, Ukraine.

We are present in almost every market of Ukraine. 38 important cities are being covered by 75 Medical Representatives, 12 First Line Managers ( RMs) and 4 Second Line Managers (BDMs). The Second Line Managers report to Sales Head.

Quest Ethicals is doing business with 12 best national distributors of Ukraine.

Customer coverage

Our field force is meeting 22,000 doctors and 10,000 aptekas (pharmacy shops) in Ukraine every month.